вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

Autumn-Winter-Time joy

Probably many are wondering: What to wear in winter or fall?I was so long ago decided this question by looking at famous boutiques and shops, as well as the recent collection of clothing fashion designers.I chose here is a kit that fits and you think:
1 Do not be surprised, but I chose the shoes ... boots (yes, half Russian, as I walk)
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суббота, 28 августа 2010 г.

Alexander Vasiliev

Well, this world-renowned fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, who knows all about fashion and more.He, by the way loves scarves, and so they are always in fashion.He even called the Internet 'scarf', he's not even a scarf on the street does not go!Картинка 16 из 942

пятница, 27 августа 2010 г.

 Military Style

"Military" - the direction in dress style is close to unisex category, characterized by the use of elements of military equipment: military boots, camouflage clothing (khaki), military headgear (eg, berets), tokens, trinkets in the form of bullets,
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Pants with suspenders, a shirt and tie, shoes with laces, a pocket watch and cap with a visor, in such a boyish attire you'll look relaxed and defenseless at the same time.Glvnoe to close to you has always been faithful Gavroche, or sarcastic dandy
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Vintage-style, time-tested.

Well as you know, the style is vintage stuff from past decades.That's not enough will, if you get at the old grandmother's dress.After all, this style-first fashion items dashing 70-x ,80-x, etc.You do not think that Vintage Glamour and it is one and the same!
We all seek to buy advanced fashionable clothing vintage, and give a lot of money.So if you want to be a super-mod dress, as the most advanced dudes 70.


четверг, 26 августа 2010 г.


And now I want to tell you about my most favorite designers Dolce & Gabbana.
By Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana - a living illustration of the law of the unity and struggle of the opposites. Friends call them "Dolchegabbanata" - a kind of "Pull-Push". True, the struggle in their case almost entirely absent.They, on the contrary, it happened love at first sight - they are totally random settled assistants in one of Milan atelier, where in the process of joint cutting and sewing costumes for Italian housewives have found that love the Baroque era, the classic Italian films, and ... each other.Although they even look very, very different. Domenico - a stocky, taciturn, loves black, prefers to spend evenings at home, because he loves peace and solitude. He is originally from Sicily, where his family owned a small studio.From 6 years old boy worked on his father's pickup, almost with his eyes closed he could sew up the sleeve of his jacket (for which he was nicknamed "Mozart" - saying that this boy is the same god in the art of sewing, like Mozart - in music) and in his spare time as an entertainment created from scraps of miniature suits and dresses.
A handsome, Stefano (he was four years younger than Domenico) now with a smile of recognition that in the sweet years tineydzherstva was desperate mod. At the beginning of each season, he went to the store firm Fioruchchi "(a favorite company of Italian young people, are susceptible to all bright and shiny) and buy it with a large, very fashionable at the moment thing."But I could not think that the creation of clothing will be my own business." Gabbana, studied at the Department of Art & Design at Art College, he graduated "with the rank of" creative director ", but the profession has not completed a single day - he also went to Milan in search of fame and fortune.Stefano - in contrast to Dolce - was born in northern Italy, he was tall, lean and chatty, loves to travel to nightclubs.


Hello.I guess that you all know the famous of the famous brands of Gucci.So, I want to tell part of the biography of fashion designer, perfumer and just a famous person.
Founder of the brand Gucci («fashion house Gucci») Italian - Gucci Gucci (1881-1953). This brand fashion appeared in 1921, in Florence. Gucci lived in England until 1921. He worked there as elevator operator in a large book. After the loss of work he has decided to return to Italy.Future master returned home with 30,000 lire. At that time it was a lot of money for Italy. And he opened a workshop for the production of leather bags, as well as a small store, which later became known all over Europe, and later, and worldwide.
At Gucci and his wife, Aida Calvelli had a large family: six children. Later, however, only the sons Ugo, Vasco Aldo and Rodolfo took part in the management of the enterprise. After the death of Gucci in 1953, Aldo helped the international recognition of the company, opening the first boutique in New York, London and the capital of the fashion world - Paris.Because of the constant bickering among the family members of Gucci brand in the very beginning became notorious.The main cause of dispute was, as you may guess, financial matters: inheritance and shares in the company. Once the trademark Gucci began expanding into foreign markets, happened, that the meetings of the Management Board of the company ended with a loud quarrels with throwing at each other improvised items.After mid-1960's main purpose expansion Gucci became the Far East. To do this, a number of shops were opened in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Since the late sixties related development of the famous logo, GG (signifying the initials Gucci Gucci), creating a silk scarf Flora (who later wore a Hollywood actress Grace Kelly).
(This is only part of his biography.)
PS-Proceedings Gucci were not visible.What he experienced in his life.But he got his vocation in life.And for that he loves the world of fashion.And I'm including!
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