четверг, 26 августа 2010 г.


And now I want to tell you about my most favorite designers Dolce & Gabbana.
By Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana - a living illustration of the law of the unity and struggle of the opposites. Friends call them "Dolchegabbanata" - a kind of "Pull-Push". True, the struggle in their case almost entirely absent.They, on the contrary, it happened love at first sight - they are totally random settled assistants in one of Milan atelier, where in the process of joint cutting and sewing costumes for Italian housewives have found that love the Baroque era, the classic Italian films, and ... each other.Although they even look very, very different. Domenico - a stocky, taciturn, loves black, prefers to spend evenings at home, because he loves peace and solitude. He is originally from Sicily, where his family owned a small studio.From 6 years old boy worked on his father's pickup, almost with his eyes closed he could sew up the sleeve of his jacket (for which he was nicknamed "Mozart" - saying that this boy is the same god in the art of sewing, like Mozart - in music) and in his spare time as an entertainment created from scraps of miniature suits and dresses.
A handsome, Stefano (he was four years younger than Domenico) now with a smile of recognition that in the sweet years tineydzherstva was desperate mod. At the beginning of each season, he went to the store firm Fioruchchi "(a favorite company of Italian young people, are susceptible to all bright and shiny) and buy it with a large, very fashionable at the moment thing."But I could not think that the creation of clothing will be my own business." Gabbana, studied at the Department of Art & Design at Art College, he graduated "with the rank of" creative director ", but the profession has not completed a single day - he also went to Milan in search of fame and fortune.Stefano - in contrast to Dolce - was born in northern Italy, he was tall, lean and chatty, loves to travel to nightclubs.

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